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"I would recommend. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
Sep 24 2020 7:09PMCharles Keeler2013Toyota $4,870.82
Susan from ONTARIO, CA
"Everyone needs 2 come here...THANK YOU!!!! (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
Aug 24 2020 7:32PMCharles Keeler2018BMW $2,264.36
"I’ll refer all my friends and family there going forward no question (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
Jul 28 2020 11:10PMCharles Keeler2015Fiat $2,197.40
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Fix Auto La Puente is an expert in car body repair and collision repair for all types of vehicles. Being part of Fix Auto's international network of auto body shops, we have established a reputation respected by many insurers. If you are from La Puente or elsewhere, call or visit our collision center in La Puente at (626) 662-0155 for a free estimate on any accident repair or auto body repair. | About Membership | Directory | Credits | About Collision Repair Experts

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