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Survey CompletedShop RepresentativeYearMakeTotal Amount
"Hild has repaired about four or five of our vehicles over the years and my husband and I have always been happy with their work. (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 7 2021 9:07AMTami Marshall2014Kia $2,050.28
"Repair was done as perfectly as new. Job well done!!! (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 3 2021 8:10AM 2013Toyota $1,673.00
"great repair shop (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 1 2021 5:04PMWilson, Steve2017Chevrolet $332.00
"They took the car in and made it absolutely beautiful and it was clean I felt very comfortable."
Apr 1 2021 8:53AM 2018Kia $5,002.50
Lee from REDDING, CA
"It's the best body repair shop in Shasta County bar none! (Entered by customer via website) "
Mar 29 2021 6:57AMTami Marshall2014Buick $2,176.02
Rod from REDDING, CA
"Reputable company (Entered by customer via website) "
Mar 28 2021 9:21AMTami Marshall2018Honda $747.53
Gary from REDDING, CA
"The repair work was excellent. Communication regarding delays was poor. (Entered by customer via website) "
Mar 18 2021 10:52AMWilson, Steve2014Ford $10,970.11
Laurie from REDDING, CA
"They did a great job! (Entered by customer via website) "
Mar 16 2021 10:58AM 2019Honda $2,110.47
"steve Wilson was a great guy everyone in the office was very great."
Mar 11 2021 5:34PMWilson, Steve2017Toyota $2,826.03
Sherrill Ann
Mar 9 2021 2:11PM 2020Chevrolet $3,221.37
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Hild Collision Center auto body shop has thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings so you don't have to take any chances getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. Your safety is our number one concern. Hild Collision Center will never compromise the quality of our work.

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