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Survey CompletedShop RepresentativeYearMakeTotal Amount
Jolene from COTTONWOOD, CA
"You guys do quality and you're honest."
Jan 14 2021 4:15PM 2019Ford $3,805.06
Alicia from REDDING, CA
"Steve was awesome."
Jan 14 2021 10:34AMSteve Wyatt2014Subaru $7,412.74
Thad from REDDING, CA
"The overall experience. The quality communication and timeliness was good."
Jan 11 2021 3:18PM 2017Lexus $1,274.83
"No one else compares. Fast turnaround Great job the first time. ask for Steve.... (Entered by customer via website) "
Jan 8 2021 9:36AMSteve Wyatt1999Ford $5,613.41
Lorraine from REDDING, CA
"We have used Hild several times and always had great service excellent communication and high quality work. Highly recommend! (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 27 2020 11:23AM 2012Subaru $1,317.99
"The staff at Hild Collision were friendly and provided excellent quality work in the repair of my vehicle. (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 26 2020 10:44PMSteve Wyatt2018Toyota $1,597.19
"Good Company (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 22 2020 11:33AMSteve Wyatt2018Nissan $5,957.84
"Very Responsive (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 21 2020 1:06PMTami Marshall2015Lexus $15,162.07
Logan/Mikayla from REDDING, CA
"The staff were great and after messing up the paint once they made it right and made it look nice. (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 8 2020 10:23AMWilson, Steve2016Honda $2,833.43
"I have used Hild for several years and feel they are committed to good work good service. I have never been disappointed in the work they have done for me. (Entered by customer via website) "
Dec 7 2020 5:24AMTami Marshall2019RAM $392.34
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Hild Collision Center auto body shop has thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings so you don't have to take any chances getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. Your safety is our number one concern. Hild Collision Center will never compromise the quality of our work.

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