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Survey CompletedShop RepresentativeYearMakeTotal Amount
"Auto repair work to my automobile was fast professional at a reasonable price. Don't forget how they clean your vehicle too. (Entered by customer via website) "
Jun 20 2021 3:08PMSteve Wyatt2016Honda $2,641.15
"Their work is professional and they take pride in good results…concerned about a good reputation (Entered by customer via website) "
Jun 14 2021 12:38PMWilson, Steve2007Jeep $1,577.00
Ben from REDDING, CA
"They did a good job. (Entered by customer via website) "
May 20 2021 7:26AM 2018Honda $8,023.68
"Steve Wilson was good to work with good guys. No complaints."
May 11 2021 9:12AMWilson, Steve2016Kia $6,603.77
"i would tell them how you treated me and about the great repair job you did (Entered by customer via website) "
May 8 2021 10:45AMSteve Wyatt2012Buick $1,878.24
"I would say shop no further. These guys do an excellent job! (Entered by customer via website) "
May 1 2021 6:18AMSteve Wyatt2017Jeep $3,138.02
Cecilia from REDDING, CA
"They are the best!! (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 29 2021 4:15PMSteve Fuller2009Toyota $1,113.33
"I referred my mom to Hild the same week my car was in your shop. I said "This is the only place to take your car hands down!" (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 26 2021 10:04AMSteve Wyatt2018Volvo $1,502.29
Chris from RED BLUFF, CA
"These guys are the best! Great quality & customer service. (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 26 2021 6:25AMWilson, Steve2014Dodge $1,133.64
"They did an amazing job and help out with returning my rental. (Entered by customer via website) "
Apr 21 2021 7:47AMWilson, Steve2017Subaru $1,158.55
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