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Fix Auto Skokie
Skokie, IL
Member Since 2004
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Contact Information Service Details Maps and Directions
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CSI: 96.1%
3:39 PM

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May 26 2020 3:13PM MEL said
"MUST DEFINITELY (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
May 21 2020 5:40PM BERYL said
"I already did. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
May 1 2020 2:53PM LOUIS said
"Anyone that i know that has issues with their vehicles ( as far as damage) I will be giving them u guys phone number. (Entered by customer via UpdatePlus) "
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Through Collision Repair Experts, you have access to every auto body shop in SKOKIE, IL and the surrounding areas. All of the businesses listed on our site have passed through an extensive review process that guarantees the quality of their services and the overall experience they offer clients. Based on our review process of a business, we assign each dent repair shop in SKOKIE, IL a rating according to our four-star system. By rating our providers, we seek to provide visitors with the names of shops that provide excellent service on a consistent basis to all customers. It’s our dedication to only offering the best.

Just by clicking on any of the links by the name of a collision repair shop in SKOKIE, IL, you can quickly find out contact information and business hours, as well as the specific services the store offers. You can even make an appointment with one of the auto body repair shops in SKOKIE, IL right here online by clicking on the appropriate link. The star system rates shops on the quality of their paint, the rental company they use, whether they carry 3M parts and whether they are FixAuto approved. By judging shops on these criteria, we are able to help ensure that users receive the highest-quality service.

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